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kids' music with a little bite


Hi, my name is Dave.


I live in suburban Chicago. I like snacking on raw almonds and rice cakes dipped in hummus. I enjoy baseball, extra hot coffee, riding the bus, free food samples, libraries, and cleaning out my ears with Q-tips. I'm married with a couple kids. We have a great time making up songs together. With music, I try to come up with stuff that's musically adventurous and incorporates elements from my favorite genres, which range from club and radio pop to experimental ambient drone. I love songs that celebrate the trivial, weird, and quirky aspects of life. I also aim to have my music reflect the values of simple living, reusing things, being friendly and helpful, and celebrating diversity.

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News & Updates

Summer 2017: Dave is working on a series of picture books inspired by some of his kids' songs.

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Big Kids Up Front

by Dave Taylor

Dave's debut kids' record! It's a quirky, folk rock adventure that tackles topics such as snacking, public transportation, annoying aliens, wearing food, and joke-telling dinosaurs. Download on iTunes here!

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Stuck on Mars

by Dave Taylor

Dave's fun-filled sci-fi-themed follow-up to Big Kids Up Front. Download on iTunes here!